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Her Waves

Digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing strategy
Her Waves is an apparel brand founded in California and aims to be a platform where female artists and surfers can collaborate and share their work. Using independent artists to inspire designs and sell stickers, prints and apparel, Her Waves champions artists and creates a community of women who want to change the narrative around women’s surfing! After launching their website in May 2019, they have seen substantial growth online thanks to their active social media presence on Instagram.


Digital marketing strategy

The Challenge

Scaling the mix

As the Her Wave’s internal team were experiencing a period of growth, they needed additional support with managing their marketing campaign activity. The brand wanted to take a step back, to reflect on their success to date and work on their digital marketing strategy with a healthy balance of reactive marketing and forward-thinking strategic planning.

As they had already been doing an amazing job on social media and were generating impressive results, it was our task to expand into other digital channels.

Additionally, as Her Waves were restricted in terms of how much time they could internally spend on marketing—limiting the scope of their strategy—we wanted to examine which marketing opportunities would be most deserving of their time for continued success.

While working with Her Waves, we put our expertise to work on:

  • Developing a results-driving year-long marketing strategy .
  • Increasing the traffic of new customers by expanding the audience reach.
  • Unlocking additional marketing channels that work with the brand’s goals and available time.
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The Solution

Digital Marketing and Brand Audit

Before we jumped into the strategy, we first wanted to ensure that we had “laid the right foundations,” so we started with an eCommerce audit, evaluating current performance, ideal performance, and opportunities for growth.

In this audit, we included a deep dive into Google analytics and used a range of tools to understand how people were interacting with the brand, including:

  • Performance by channel.
  • User journeys through  the conversion funnel.
  • Visitors by device and location.

We also analysed website health and visibility—how many keywords were indexed? Which search terms are driving traffic?

We then audited each of their marketing channels, such as their social media, and used this information to create audience insights and customer profiles.

Marketing strategy

The next step was talking these insights through with the brand, allowing us to get under the skin of the brand in an open and collaborative way. This helped us understand the brand’s vision and challenges, revealing areas of opportunities and growth.

After this audit, we pulled together a strategy document to guide the next steps of the brand using the SOSTAC methodology: situation analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, actions, and control.

Facebook advertising

Once the strategy was decided, we were ready to implement our recommendations and work together on launching the brand’s Spring Collection!

Paid social advertising was the first priority, along with designing creative for the ads and customer relationship management (CRM).

By working together, we dissected the campaign’s messaging and were able to communicate effectively across each stage of the customer’s journey.

Digital marketing strategy

The Outcome

With our in-depth and collaborative approach, we were able to deliver:

  • A full audit and strategy document for the brand to use in planning  future campaigns.
  • Paid social campaigns with a total ROAS of 7.5, with new customer-related ads even reaching an ROAS of 12.
  • A strong relationship with Her Waves that we think will only strengthen with time.

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"Her Waves have been working with Cake for a couple of months now and they have been exceptional. We are seeing a ROAS of 7.5 on our paid media campaigns!"

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