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GymPro Apparel

Branding, website and marketing

Branding, website and marketing
GymPro Apparel is a sports apparel brand for the modern day, created by two firefighters, Adam Rai and Leon Judge. No strangers to rigorous fitness routines, required for all members of the West Midlands Fire Service, they truly realised the power of exercise in physical and mental wellbeing. So, driven by the desire to create a better, healthier world and help others release their inner athlete, GymPro was born.


  • Brand audit
  • Brand Bible
  • Marketing strategy
  • Persona development
  • Marketing strategy
  • Facebook advertising
  • eCommerce consultancy
Branding, website and marketing

The Challenge

Support with the growth of the brand

GymPro Apparel asked us to take three parts of their brand to the next level:

  • Update their visual branding.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Improve website conversions.

From the start, it was about collaborating on a strategy that would take what they were already doing well and making it work harder for them in existing or new digital channels.

They may have started as two people looking to inspire others, but they wanted to grow their brand and its message with a ‘team’ around them. Not only did that mean us, as their partners in digital marketing, but also finding the right ways to maximise relationships with upcoming athletes,  support young athletes, and give back to the community as a whole.

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The Solution

Brand strategy

In order to achieve GymPro’s initial goals for increased brand awareness, website conversions, and website sales, we immersed ourselves in their world.

By collaborating on the foundations of brand mission, objectives, and audience, we created a one-year digital marketing strategy and branded visual guidelines and assets that would drive GymPro forward.

With our support, Adam and Leon know where their brand is heading and can run full-speed ahead while inspiring others to Release the Athlete Within.

Inspired by GymPro’s mission, we focused our attention on six key areas and creations to take their brand forward:

  1. Immersed ourselves in the brand with a collaborative workshop sessions.
  2. Audited their ecommerce website and digital channels for recommendations.
  3. Developed their branding and created the brand’s visual guidelines.
  4. Tailored a bespoke brand strategy to reach their objectives.
  5. Produced a press pack for future collaborations and partnerships.
  6. Created branded digital assets to share their messages on social media.

Brand direction and design

To fully immerse ourselves in GymPro and deliver a bespoke package of services, strategies, and next steps recommended for growing the brand, we hosted collaborative workshops. In these sessions, we wanted to gather all the information we needed to take GymPro to the next level. We developed:

  • Brand mission, vision statement and values
  • Business objectives, USPs, and competitor comparisons
  • Audience personas, behaviours, and needs

With a stronger understanding of who GymPro are and who they’re trying to reach, we created a set of visual brand guidelines. In these guidelines, we covered everything from logo variants and colour palettes to typographic rules, graphic devices, and photography styling.

Now, wherever the brand shared their message, it would be instantly recognisable as GymPro.

Brand and marketing channel audit and recommendations

In addition to understanding GymPro’s vision and customers, we also wanted to know what was happening beneath the surface of their ecommerce website and digital channels. This included an audit of:

  • Current search footprint analysis and opportunity
  • Analysis of KPIs, including performance by territory, device, and source
  • Heat-mapping analysis of key pages
  • Analysis of CRM database and email campaign performance
  • Social media audit and recommendations
  • Audience insights review to build targeted audience segments

By analysing these areas, we extracted key information from their existing channels and customer base to supercharge their ecommerce potential and guide their strategy moving forward.

Marketing strategy

As GymPro’s identity and digital channels were now stronger than ever, it was time to share everything with the world. We created a bespoke digital marketing strategy for the year to show the steps we needed to take the brand from where they were to where they wanted to be.

This annual strategy included:

  • Position benchmarking vs competitors
  • Assigned sales targets per channel, with tactics to achieve these
  • Developed the creative direction and message of each channel by individual campaign
  • Established core KPIs to track progress towards brand goals
  • Clear steps for progress in an action-driving project management tool
Branding, website and marketing

The Outcome

By creating branded social media assets, we gave GymPro the power to be the most dynamic version of themselves on digital channels. Their brand, their messages, their goals… all with a polished, consistent style made to inspire people to live a healthy, happy lifestyle.

One of GymPro’s goals is to inspire healthy bodies and minds with national events, such as Beachfit, an event held in Weymouth in 2018 that captured the attention of 50,000 people, 5,000 subscribers, and 400 fitness enthusiasts over three days. This is the kind of inspiration that Adam and Leo want to bring to the community, so we created a press pack to share their message.

We work collaboratively with you to reach your ecommerce goals.

"The Cake team is so friendly and welcoming, and they feel like part of GymPro. I would put the website they’ve created for us against any of the big brands and go as far as saying ours is better. Their work is of a very high standard and we’re seeing results even at an early stage."

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