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Our Services

Visual Identity

Your brand is a combination of the way you act, the way you speak and the way you look - your visual identity. Your visual identity is the way your present yourself to look attractive to your clients or customers and make connections with them.

branding visual identity for Bad Apple Hair

Our offering

We’ll create all the building blocks of your visual identity. Everything you need to create an authentic brand that people can rally behind. Done well, your visual identity will connect with your customers on an emotional level. It should inform viewers about the nature of the brand and services/products offered and finally it will unite the many different aspects of a business through consistent visuals building trust.

Our process


Your logo is a simple and distinctive symbol that represents your brand. It is often the first impression your brand makes and the first thing that springs to mind when your brand is mentioned.


A distinctive colour palette is a great brand identifier. They convey emotion and meaning, help you stand out from the crowd and, applied consistently, they quickly build brand recognition.


Typography represents the tone and values of your brand just like colour can represent a feeling. Every font choice has a different meaning and will communicate a different representation of your brand and what your business stands for.


Photography and illustration are powerful tools to build a brand. Illustration can be a great way to communicate abstract ideas in a unique and recognisable way. Likewise, photography can quickly convey your brand's quality or build a lifestyle your audience can relate or aspire to.

Visual language

This is a little harder to define. Simply put your visual language is the recipe for how your brand applies elements like photography, typography and colours. It should be consistent, recognisable and flexible enough to grow with the brand and stay fresh long term.

Talk to us today about reaching eCommerce greatness

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. We’d love to talk with you about your next project and answer any questions you might have about Shopify. But be warned… once we get talking about this stuff, it’s hard to shut us up!

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