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Our Services

Cake Shopify Theme

There are websites and there are websites. Cake build the latter. Your theme will be built to last and built to grow. 

Our offering

Our cake themes are more easily developed into the future as the code base will be cleaner and more sustainable. Behind the scenes should be a well oiled, lean machine. We will ensure this with;

  • No junk code to boost site speed
  • Optimised fonts, images & videos
  • Bespoke sitemap and collection hierarchy
  • Minified code and reduced JavaScript

The benefits of a Cake theme include:

  • Lower Cost
  • Accessibility Checked
  • Easy to implement SEO
  • Best practice Wireframes
  • Best practice Ecommerce UX
  • Sustainable Coding
  • Editable CMS
  • Easier to update
  • Straight forward integrations with Shopify App Store
  • Optimised content, fonts and code

How will it impact results…. 

  • Direct and free advertising to customers through push notifications
  • Automated messages through the app based on behaviour   
  • Increased conversion rate (typically 4%) driven by increased add to cart, 20% higher on an app versus the online store
  • Signed in customer journey to allow for more tracking (post-cookieless world)

Principles of a great eCommerce website


Allow your customers to focus without eating into their decision budget by limiting colours, fonts, and graphics

Visual Hierarchy

Guide users to important information, in the correct order, and drive them down the correct journeys


Primary navigation should be simple, include navigation in the footer for quick access, use breadcrumbs to help with navigating back and forth whilst also giving the user a sense of the website, include a search bar, include links in copy with context of where the link goes 


Keeps fonts, colours, design patterns consistent for familiarity and ease of use, create different layouts for specific purposes e.g. landing page or informational page


48% of page global views were from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 93% of people have left a website because it didn’t display properly on their device. Ensure the design works across any screen size.


Perceivable: Visitors are aware of the content on your site. 

Operable: The functionality of your website should be possible in different ways. 

Understandable: All content and alerts can be easily understood. 

Robust: Your website is usable across different assistive technologies, devices, and browsers. 


Using design patterns, features, and elements that are conventional and expected by a user allows the user to easily use the site without any cognitive thought, allowing their attention to be focussed on the product. Creating unfamiliar functionality can leave a user feeling uncomfortable and frustrated.


Web conventions create trust for a website, this goes hand in hand with conventionality, allowing the website to behave how a user would expect it to based on what they’re accustomed to plus being upfront about what you’re selling gives credibility to a site. Web credibility is also about making your website in such a way that it comes across as trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Case Studies


Starting as a family-run business, Cyberjammies have always had the mission of creating luxury nightwear that the whole family can enjoy. With the launch of their new Shopify website, Cyberjammies instantly saw the benefits of having a Cake theme which has given them flexibility and control. This means that they can now merchandise their site with ease, create new collections, feature products, and refine journeys whenever the need arises. 
  • Sales have increased by 25%
  • eCommerce conversion rate has increased by 19%

It Luggage

it Luggage is a global luggage brand that creates innovative high-quality luggage solutions for a wide range of customers for over 40 years. Since the go-live of their new website with developed branding, it Luggage have seen positive results and are happy with the performance of it all. Traffic and conversion, which are the sought-after metrics of eCommerce, have increased significantly meaning it Luggage can now sleep that bit easier at night knowing that their business is performing well and is better protected from external forces.
  • Total sales have increased by 63%
  • eCommerce conversion rate has increased by 66%

Talk to us today about reaching eCommerce greatness

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. We’d love to talk with you about your next project and answer any questions you might have about Shopify. But be warned… once we get talking about this stuff, it’s hard to shut us up!

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