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Wine Freedom

Design Sprint

Design Sprint
We worked with Wine Freedom on a Design Sprint to help them work out whether launching an app would be a good investment of their time and money.


  • Design Sprint
  • eCommerce Consultancy
  • Prototyping
  • User testing
  • User journey mapping
Design Sprint

The Challenge

Wine Freedom’s mission is clear - to cut the cr*p and help people become more wine savvy. Best known for their stylish retail and event space in Birmingham’s trendy Digbeth, they are also an award-winning supplier to some of the best restaurants in the country. Wine Freedom’s founder, Sam Olive, sources his wine from sensitively farmed vineyards, produced without the use of chemicals. 

Sam is also passionate about helping people explore natural wines and boost their wine confidence without being dubbed ‘pretentious’. Wine Freedom educates all types of customers using a language they can understand, connecting them to the true taste of grape and vineyard. 

Wine Freedom’s loyal customers love the tastings and various other events at the Digbeth retail space, so they were looking for a way to replicate that experience using digital platforms. Cake was brought in to create an app that would do just that. The original concept was an app that was education first and retail second - an innovative way to share their knowledge and love of natural wine. 

We set out to discover and explore how we could create a scalable and profitable digital wine school as well as recreate the community driven and memorable experience of their retail space.

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The Solution

Let’s face it, developing an app can be a big investment. When you have no idea whether it will be a success until after it’s launched, it’s an even more daunting investment. Enter Design Sprints!

Cake’s Design Sprints help brands look into the future so you can see how your customers will react before you invest all the time and expense of investing in a new product or service.

In just five (albeit intense) days, we worked with the Wine Freedom team to map out current and potential challenges, generate ideas, create a prototype and test it with their target audience! The feedback for Wine Freedom was invaluable. What started out as an app to educate wine ‘w*nkers’ became a full-bodied subscription service with a splash of free, bitesize content.

Design Sprint

The Outcome

Wine Freedom now has a prototype to be proud of. Fully tested with their audience, iterated and ready to be developed. Not only did Wine Freedom save money opting for a Design Sprint first, they learned a great deal about their audience's needs, wants and motivations. On top of that they thoroughly loved the whole experience - win win!

Now, pass the wine. 

Have you got a big question that needs answering quickly without the huge upfront investment? Cake’s Design Sprints can take away the fear of the unknown and give you the confidence to move your brand forward in the right direction.

Get in touch to find out more. 

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