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Our Services


We create, grow, and transform brands in a way that reflects your values and personality, building loyal communities and giving your business the foundation for radical growth.

P&Co branding hero with Cake Agency collaboration

Lay your foundations

A brand is a living entity. The product of a thousand tiny gestures. Everything you do from the products you create to the way you reply to Instagram comments, the photos you use to the materials in your packaging. All these touchpoints in your customer’s experience tell a compelling story and build your reputation.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business, so it always comes first in everything we do. These are the essential first steps on your roadmap to growth. When you take the time to craft your brand, it becomes the foundation of everything that follows, and it’s how you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

We’ll take the time to work with you to really get to know your brand, your community, and your business—it’s the only way to find that sweet spot, balancing strategy and creativity, art and science, brand and best practice. Using our years of industry knowledge and experience, we’ll deliver a rigorous e-commerce business plan that translates into a truly distinctive brand—a solid foundation on which to inspire trust, grow your community, and create authentic connections with your customers.

Audits & Insights

This is the first step in identifying opportunities for your brand, so we’ll invest time in discovery, diagnosis, and measurement of your market, customers, and current experience, including our action-driving SEO and Brand Audits.

Brand Consultancy

With years of first-hand retail and e-commerce knowledge, we’re uniquely placed to understand your business and your brand. We’ll analyse every channel—paid, owned, and earned—resulting in your Recipe for Growth, an invaluable eCommerce business plan that will inform and impact all future activity and deliverables.

Brand Strategy

We’ll collaborate to discover and define your brand purpose and proposition, asking the big questions like: What makes you unique? What are you here to do? Why should your customers care?  Need help with brand naming and brand architecture, too? We’re there,  always with an eye on the wider customer experience.

Visual Identity

Using these insights, analysis, and discovery, we’ll create the building blocks of your visual identity. This can be everything you need—logos, colours, typography, imagery, graphic devices, illustration and photography styles, all working together to create an authentic brand that people can rally behind.

Brand Guidelines

Just like with people, brands build trust through consistent, authentic behaviour. Your digital brand guidelines will allow your business to grow without losing the identity you’ve worked so hard to create. This may include design systems, toolkits, and practical tools to support consistently high-quality and on-brand comms. We’ll deliver these guidelines in a single online format which allows you to access all your brand assets with ease.

Tone of Voice

What you say and how you say it has never been more important, particularly for brands seeking to stand out from the crowd and build customer relationships. We’ll create guidelines that allow your brand personality to shine in everything you say or do,  from your proposition to your latest product launch.

Brand guidelines presentation

Art & Science

Understanding customers, behaviours, and taking time to get under the skin of your business is a critical step in delivering memorable retail experiences. We invest heavily in the discovery and insights phase, learning everything we can about your target audience, using our knowledge of human behaviour to enhance your entire retail journey from awareness to building your community. Brand and best practice are perfectly balanced so you hit the ground running.

Designing Experiences

The world of retail has changed. No longer can brands live in a solely digital or physical space—they need to build distinctive, memorable, and consistent experiences across all touchpoints, from TikTok to pop-up stores. We exist to take you through every step of the journey, combining brand & best practice across digital and physical comms to create 360-degree human-centred retail experiences that connect with your customers and build your community.

Birmingham Museums tote bag model
Creative direction guide

Crafted & Authentic

With over 20 years of experience in branding, we’re the right people to create, build, and transform your brand. Unparalleled design and a commitment to craftsmanship runs through every aspect of our work at Cake. Good enough is no longer good enough. People stick with products that make them feel something, so our design process ensures we understand your audience and create an authentic, trustworthy brand they want to build a relationship with.

Talk to us today about reaching eCommerce greatness

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. We’d love to talk with you about your next project and answer any questions you might have about Shopify. But be warned… once we get talking about this stuff, it’s hard to shut us up!

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