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P&Co eCommerce App

P&Co eCommerce App
As an eCommerce brand, marketer or founder, you’ll know that your most profitable customers are extremely expensive to replace. Once you have a loyal following of die-hard fans like our partner, client and friends at P&Co, we knew the next focus was on customer lifetime value and leveraging CRO. We decided to do two things, one was to introduce a loyalty program, the second was to develop what we already knew must be an industry-leading app.


  • eCommerce Consultancy
  • UX & UI Design
  • Prototyping
  • App Development
  • Integrations

P&Co eCommerce App

The Challenge

P&Co have two Shopify eCommerce stores, accommodating for different markets, but could only have one app - creating the need for both stores to be combined into one mobile experience. 

Our recently developed Loyalty Lion program had to be a key feature and embedded into the app to ensure their most loyal customers could capitalise and be rewarded for using and purchasing via the app. 

The CMS needed to be customisable so the app content could be updated frequently to reflect the brand's retail calendar as well as a push notification system that allowed segmented and automated messages. The challenge was finding a balance between customisation and efficiency for the brand to update.

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The Solution

As well as designing and building a best practice eCommerce app, our focus was to ensure the app integrated seamlessly with other platforms such as Shopify, Klaviyo and Loyalty Lion. 

In order to combine both the UK and US stores, we implemented a location preference feature during the customer onboarding process to allow the app to store and redirect users to the relevant shop checkout. 

To ensure loyal customers were rewarded when shopping through the app, we developed a custom integration with Loyalty Lion giving us all of that extra data and opportunity to build an even better, longer-lasting relationships.

Finally, we knew a separate CMS would be extra work in the short-term, but would pay off big time in data and relationship-building capabilities over the long term. So we built it out from scratch to auto-populate the app and add a custom push notification interface that includes segmentation. Allowing the merchant to send to the app users personalised and relevant messages. 

P&Co eCommerce App

The Outcome

30 days post app launch we already started to reap the rewards…

  • The app currently has a 68% conversion rate from its app store listing (average app store conversion rates are around 30%)
  • 63% of all downloads have opted into push notifications, meaning a new direct way of communicating key messages right to the hands of P&Co's most loyal customers. The power of this stat alone has the potential to bring huge, steady growth in both brand recognition and direct sales.
  • The average order value is 22% higher on the app compared to the online store, meaning individuals are really enjoying shopping on the app platform. 
  • Add to cart rate on the app is 22%, compared with 6.82% on the online store in the same period.
  • 72% of all app downloads are users who have signed in or created an account which means retaining more data and information to lead to better opportunities to build relationships with those people over time.

The conversion rate for the app in the last 30 days is 8.89% (a 300% increase from the online store!). There’s no doubt that mobile shopping is just an all-around better solution for customers.

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