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304 Clothing

Shopify website, branding & marketing

Shopify website, branding & marketing
The team from 304 Clothing initially approached us to support with their site speed. After auditing and providing strategic recommendations for their website, we continued to work together on optimising website functionality and supporting with conversion rate optimisation (CRO), before launching a new website and app. Now, with the 304 Brand Bible and Gross Demand Plan by their side, the team at 304 are more powerful than ever. They know who they are, what they’re working towards, and everything they create, from website content and marketing emails to push notifications, has that unmistakable 304 feeling.


  • Brand strategy & tone of voice
  • Site speed consultancy
  • Gross Demand planning
  • Brand Bible
  • Shopify website design and build
  • Shopney App
  • Facebook advertising
  • CRM strategy
  • Google advertising
  • SEO
  • Marketing campaign planning and consultancy
  • Visual identity
  • Creative Direction
  • eCommerce design
  • Shopify development
Shopify website, branding & marketing

The Challenge

After receiving our ‘Need for Speed’ whitepaper, 304 contacted us requesting a speed audit for their current website. We audited their existing site performance and made recommendations to increase site speed, driving better site engagement and conversions.

Our goals included:

  • Improve bounce rate and average session duration.
  • Scope out  additional improvements and understand the full ecommerce potential of their website.
  • Consult on recommended improvements and work together to implement best-practice changes.

After completing a site speed audit, it became clear that the mobile version of the 304 site needed the most urgent attention. Accounting for over 90% of their overall traffic, the speed score for mobile was resulting in an estimated customer loss of 32%.

The number of apps running in the background were affecting the speed of the website, so our experts recommended a series of positive changes:

  • Amending the codebase of landing page templates within the store’s theme.
  • Compressing images.
  • Requesting correct sizes depending on the users’ screen site.
  • Removing unused elements within the theme.
  • Creating mobile-only elements for optimised mobile site.
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The Solution

Brand positioning

To light a fire in the hearts of their community, 304 needed to know what was at the heart of their own brand. Where are they going? Why do they exist? How should they look and sound for their brand to resonate with like-minded people? They needed unshakeable brand foundations, so that’s what we delivered.

From laying the foundations of 304’s emotive mission, vision, and values to the finer details of their visual style and tone of voice, we collaborated on 304’s Brand Bible, ensuring that no matter where 304 appears, it feels like 304.

With an understanding of 304’s existing community and industry competition, we turned our attention inwards. For consistent and confident branding, you need to know why you exist, who you exist for, and where you’re going.

Further collaborative workshops were used to develop and refine 304’s:

  • Mission: The fire that drives them to work hard every day.
  • Vision: 304’s vision for their brand and community’s future.
  • Values: The innate qualities behind everything they do and will do.

Positioning statement: One powerful line which encapsulates everything above and communicates 304 in an instant.

Visual brand guidelines

In branding, how a brand looks is just as important as what a brand says. That’s why it’s essential to create a cohesive visual style across all customer touchpoints, so that people understand 304 even at a glance. For a full suite of design rules and tips, this includes:

  • Logo variants, usage and misuse
  • Colour palettes
  • Typography rules
  • Graphic devices
  • Iconography
  • Photography styles

Once we had these rules locked down, we created a collection of templates for 304 to confidently use across any of their channels, knowing that they had the full force of 304’s sleek design behind every message.

Tone of voice

Finally, we cemented the 304 vibe with a tone of voice that captured and highlighted the brand’s personality in everything they do. Like the design, this touched on every part of the brand and comes with rules and guidance to put the power of content in the hands of the brand. Guiding this tone of voice, we created:

  • Brand personality definition
  • Personality traits
  • Tone of voice scales
  • Structure and style guidelines
  • Written examples in context
  • Writing checklist
  • Brand thesaurus

This way, no matter who creates 304’s content going forward, it always feels and sounds like it’s coming from the same brand.

Shopify website, branding & marketing

The Outcome

With the branding and strategy in place, we worked closely with the 304 team to scope, design, build, test and launch a new Shopify website just in time for Black Friday and Q4 key trade in 2020. The timing was perfect for 304 as they were thriving from the lockdown ecommerce boost.

In need of a fast site that could handle thousands of visitors during peak trade, our mission was to balance the art of smooth usability with the capacity to easily merchandise their ever-evolving product collections. Shopify males product merchandising to a simple task, with the ability to quickly arrange products by landing page based on your product data.

As a reactive fashion brand, it was important for 304 to be able to adapt their core landing pages in line with their campaigns, and we’ve already seen success across their marketing mix and marketing funnel.

To build engagement, loyalty, and maximise conversions with their passionate fanbase, 304 wanted an app which would give their customers access to the latest 304 products wherever they were. Just like 304, the app needed to be modern, sleek, and only ever a tap away, opening up a brand-new sales channel into 2021 and beyond.

The solution was simple. Build 304 their very own Shopney app, putting the flexibility of a Shopify ecommerce website in the palm of their customer’s hands.

A Shopney app allows you to integrate your app with your existing Shopify store, making the process of reaching your customers directly wherever they are easier than ever before.

Build the app, send the pushes, and they will come. 304’s Shopney app has already proved itself as an invaluable channel, driving engagement and sales within the most loyal members of their community.

So far we’ve seen nothing but 5* reviews.

We work collaboratively with you to reach your ecommerce goals.

"We are over the moon with our new website and the feedback from customers has been incredible. DC went out their way to make recommendations on what they know from experience will work. Can’t recommend any higher & looking forward to continuing working with the team."

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