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Shopify Plus website design & development

Shopify Plus website design & development
Starting as a family-run business, Cyberjammies have always had the mission of creating luxury nightwear that the whole family can enjoy. They know that nightwear isn’t just for bed, most of the time it doubles up as loungewear too so Cyberjammies use styles, cuts, and materials that can be worn from the minute you get home straight through until morning - some would even consider it an important part of self care.


  • UI & UX design
  • Shopify Plus website development
  • eCommerce consultancy
Shopify Plus website design & development
Sales have increased by 25%

The Challenge

Cyberjammies have a great team and great products, but a big part of the challenge was showing the high-quality of the products in a way that didn’t come across as being too expensive, because their range is described as “affordable luxury”. This might sound like a contradiction but Cyberjammies are making it their mission to bring this reality to life. However, their previous website lacked any personality which left them just looking like any other store. Plus it was built on a platform that was hindering their growth with its lack of flexibility and functionality.

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The Solution

After digging into the user research, we quickly found that the internal conception of their target market was off the mark and that their audience was more affluent than they had originally thought. This insight gave us the confidence to opt for a creative direction with their branding that was more luxurious than the team originally had in mind. Working alongside their team, we created the concept of “quietly confident” which gave the visual identity that air of luxury with a self-assured level of confidence and a dash of fun.

Next step was to apply this identity to the purpose-built website that we were developing for them. With a clear idea of who we were targeting and how we were presenting the brand to them, we were able to design and build a website that considered their target audience and their nuances. Whilst the website adheres to eCommerce user experience best practices, the user interface and design style broke away from the typical monochrome stores that you see within the eCommerce realm - allowing the brand to really own their personality and branding.

Shopify Plus website design & development
eCommerce conversion rate has increased by 19%

The Outcome

With the launch of their new Shopify website, Cyberjammies instantly saw the benefits of having a purpose-built theme which has given them flexibility and control. This means that they can now merchandise their site with ease, create new collections, feature products, and refine journeys whenever the need arises. With a Shopify 2.0 custom build, the brand can utilise the range of sections that have been specifically designed for them and their audience, whether that is changing the structure of a page or creating new ones on the fly without having to worry about code or the design.

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