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Our Services

Design Sprints

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your idea or a problem to solve and quickly design and test a prototype with real users?

Our offering

The design sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. You can fast-forward to see your product and customer reactions before making expensive commitments.

Our process


Day 1 is a series of structured conversations to build a foundation—and a focus—for the sprint week. The structure allows the team to "boot up" as much information as quickly as


Day 2 is all about creating lots and lots of different ideas that focus on solving the problem. We will end up with a stack of solutions and decide which of those sketches should be prototyped and tested.


We will build a prototype of the chosen solution(s) to simulate a finished product for your customers. Design Sprint prototyping is all about a "fake it till you make it" philosophy: With a realistic-looking prototype, you'll get the best possible data from user testing and we’ll learn whether you're on the right track.


Day 4 is the day to show our prototype to five customers in five separate, 1:1 interviews. Instead of waiting for a launch to get perfect data, you'll quick-and-dirty answers to your most pressing questions right away. We will record the interviews and collate feedback and actions.


The final day of the sprint is our opportunity to improve our solution based on what we’ve heard in user testing. This is obviously hard to predict - sometimes it’s simply refining details, other times it can be a huge pivot but we’ll update you at every stage of the sprint so there are no nasty surprises.

Case Studies

Wine Freedom

We worked with Wine Freedom on a Design Sprint to help them work out whether launching an app would be a good investment of their time and money. We set out to discover and explore how we could create a scalable and profitable digital wine school as well as recreate the community driven and memorable experience of their retail space. In just five (albeit intense) days, we worked with the Wine Freedom team to map out current and potential challenges, generate ideas, create a prototype and test it with their target audience! The feedback for Wine Freedom was invaluable. What started out as an app to educate wine ‘w*nkers’ became a full-bodied subscription service with a splash of free, bitesize content.

Talk to us today about reaching eCommerce greatness

Every great relationship starts with a conversation. We’d love to talk with you about your next project and answer any questions you might have about Shopify. But be warned… once we get talking about this stuff, it’s hard to shut us up!

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