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How Integrating Live Chat Can Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rates

Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rates

What do you love about brick and mortar stores? You probably love the interaction aspect in shops. Sales reps greet you at the door and consult them for expert opinions about each product.

In a similar vein, you’ve probably heard of how live chats can help you achieve a similar effect. Not only does it allow you to have direct and personalised conversations with customers, but it also lets you address their questions about each product. In fact, Martech found that 51% of customers are more likely to purchase from a store that had a live chat option, and almost half believed that they’re more likely to return to a website that offered it.

But how do you integrate live chat software on your Shopify store? How will you interact with customers? One way is to use Olark. The Shopify app lets you initiate chats from your computer, browser or mobile device.

You can install it from the website or get it from the Shopify store.

Digital Cake - Shopify Experts

Next, install the integration and log into the chat. You’ll then see the live chat box on your website.

Digital Cake - Shopify Experts

At the operation view, you can watch the customers shopping on your store. You can also get information like the visitor’s shopping cart, cart balances, URLs, referrers, countries, and more in real-time.

Shopify Experts

You can also sign up for a free trial on this page.

Olark also lets you get your whole team on board to help sell, upsell and convert customers fast and effectively. You can talk to as many customers as you need.

Of course, live chat exchanges can be every awkward if you don’t know what to talk about. If you’re not sure how to get started, try these conversation topics:

Product details

Is your product unique or unknown to the mainstream? For example, maybe you sell charcoal face masks from Korea, but first-time visitors might not be aware of the product’s benefits, as well as how to use it. If you’re noticing this trend, update the product description or send links to blog posts about the product and share it via the live chat.

Requests and Suggestions

Digital Cake - Shopify Experts
Ask returning customers if they have comments or suggestions regarding your product. While you don’t have to fulfill every suggestion, you can look at the trend and find which suggestions are common amongst your customers. For example, if a lot of people are asking for faster shipping or better packaging, it’s worth looking into.

Layout and Navigation

Digital Cake - Shopify Experts

Do you have visitors who go back and forth a few pages, but don’t buy anything? Maybe they’re lost or disoriented with your layout and navigation. Maybe they can’t find the shopping cart icon or the navigation menu. If so, take note of all these issues and talk to us in regards to your website design.

Ready to Get Started With Live Chat?

Live chat has a lot of perks.

It enables you to have customised and personal interactions with your customers. It also lets you convert them yourself.

You can install Olark and easily integrate it with your Shopify store. You can then interact with your customers and talk about product details, website layout or navigation and product suggestions.


Interested in how we can help you make the most of your online store? Digital Cake are Shopify experts, as an agency, we know what will help you be better online.

Chris Thomas


Chris Thomas

CEO & Founder

Chris has been at the forefront of eCommerce and a pioneer of online retailing since the early 00s. A 5-time Drapers Award winner, Chris has extensive experience in developing fashion brands online.

Chris founded Cake in 2016. Based in Birmingham, with offices nationwide, Cake specialises in helping fashion brands understand their market online and then helps to develop appropriate strategical direction to achieve their plan, all backed by his 20 years of operating in the retail market.