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Digital Marketing

Why You Should Update Your Old Blog Posts To Boost Traffic And Generate Leads

Killer content is important now more than ever.

These days people discover businesses through killer blog posts on the Internet. They discover new products through press releases, subscribe to sites to get newsletters, and like trending blog posts on Facebook. Meaning that if you’re not blogging right now, then you’re behind the times.

But before you start your own content strategy, it’s important to note that publishing blog posts is more than just writing and clicking the “publish” button. In fact, data from MarketingProfs found that 2.75 million blog posts get published per day. Meaning if you want to get ahead in the game, then your blog posts have to stand out.

The problem with this strategy is writing content takes time. Often, writers need to find inspiration, write the blog post, find images, contact editors and revise. Since this can take days, it can be hard to formulate a consistent content marketing strategy.

So what do you do?

Hubspot introduced an efficient and effective way to get more traffic without writing new blog posts. Brian Dean called this “The Content Relaunch.” It involves updating and republishing old blog content. It’s a lot easier than creating new content and… they work. Really, really well.

Hubspot republished their old content and gained an average of 106% increase in monthly organic search views.

They also found that 765 of their monthly blog views were generated from older posts. Additionally, 92% of their blog leads also came from old posts.


Brian Dean tried the same tactic. He updated his blog post titled, “White Hat SEO Case Study: How to Get a #1 Ranking.” After 2 weeks, he found that the update’s organic search engine traffic skyrocketed to 260.7%.

The post’s target was “white hat SEO.” Originally it had obtained the 7th spot in search engines, but after the update it went up to #4.

Simply put, updating old blog posts can do wonders for your search traffic and SEO. Hubspot even announced that they generated most of their leads and search traffic by updating old posts. So, optimizing old blog posts is a great way to generate leads and exponentially increase search traffic.


Moreover, updating and optimising blog posts allows you to maximise old content. The thing is, it’s a lot cheaper and faster to update your old content, rather than make new ones.


So how do you get started?

How to Update Your Old Blog Posts:

  • Update Old Content with the Latest Information

Its no secret that Google rewards fresh content. If you do a search on online marketing statistics, then you’d find that the top search results have the word “2017” in the title.

The reason for this is pretty simple. The latest information is ultimately more relevant than its older counterparts. Therefore, it makes sense to update old content blogs such as “Conversion Optimization Rate Tactics for 2016” with information on the “Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics for 2017.”

  • Check the Comments Section

You can read comments from readers in order to understand what information you need to add. Did they comment about a better app? Did they give you an update on the topic? What are their common questions? Be sure to find out and include it in the update.

  • Update Old Images

Readers will notice that your content is old based on the screenshots that you include. Yikes.

So be sure to update old images, with new ones.

It’s simple, but it works.


Updating old blog posts is a must if you want to maximise your old posts and increase search traffic. Fortunately, as long as you make a consistent effort to update old posts, you can get ahead in the game.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start updating and optimising old blog posts right now!



Chris Thomas


Chris Thomas

CEO & Founder

Chris has been at the forefront of eCommerce and a pioneer of online retailing since the early 00s. A 5-time Drapers Award winner, Chris has extensive experience in developing fashion brands online.

Chris founded Cake in 2016. Based in Birmingham, with offices nationwide, Cake specialises in helping fashion brands understand their market online and then helps to develop appropriate strategical direction to achieve their plan, all backed by his 20 years of operating in the retail market.