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Digital Marketing

How To Market To Generation Z Online

This week and last week saw both A Level and GCSE results being released, seeing more young people from Generation Z moving into higher education. However, a report from UCAS [1] in February suggested that there had been a decrease in the number of young people applying to university.

Generation Z is a contested topic, much like the categorising of Millennials, various writers are in conflict over when Generation Z actually began. For instance, one academic will state that it includes those born after 1995 (and this is the general consensus) whereas others will argue that Generation Z best describes those born after 2000.

Regardless, there is still a lack of research on Generation Z and most of the big players in various industries are still quite dismissive of the generation who will soon hold a significant percentage of the market share when it comes to consumer goods.

This blog acts as both a guide and a warning to not ignore the power of Generation Z especially when it comes to digitally marketing yourself and your company online:

  1. Be Current, Bold and Quirky

Generation Z are all about appearance, they have been brought up in the digital age and can be seen as the generation of connection, who would rather message through emojis than have a face to face conversation – especially when it comes to someone trying to sell them something.

The key lesson? Think visual when designing your site as you won’t have a long time to attract Generation Z potential consumers. Rather than explain in lengthy paragraphs why your services and company are so great, focus on using keywords associated with the services/products you sell as well as making it visually pleasing.
Think of it like this. If your companies website was created in 2009 and hasn’t really been updated since, then consumers, especially Generation Z consumers will know and therefore will see you as a company that is outdated and pretty much irrelevant the present.

Your website isn’t the only thing you need to be cautious of, your company’s social profiles need to also be current, bold and quirky especially on platforms such as Instagram where it is all about appearance. The best way for a company to portray themselves to please a larger demographic is to include interesting articles that relate to the industry they work in as well as comment about everyday life and what life’s like in the office. For instance, if your team have a night out together then POST ABOUT IT!! Generation Z have grew up in an economic and turbulent time where nothing is guaranteed and therefore do not connect with companies/brands that take life a bit too seriously.

  1. Be Everywhere

This may be hard to hear but…Ads are overestimated! We all know the adverts that annoyingly appear when you are desperately trying to show your friend that really funny cat video. There are different variances to these kind of adverts, some  will last 30 seconds or they will run for at least 5 seconds before the viewer is able to skip the advert if they want to. Companies need to realise that while this type of advertising may be effective for certain target demographics, Generation Z (despite spending a majority of their leisure time on the internet) are the ones who are least influenced by this kind of advertising. Why? Because they have an array of devices that they have access to a majority of the time. One problem that used to be a drawback for television advertising (throwback) is that people would often go into the kitchen and make a cup of tea while waiting for their programme to come back on. Generation Z on the other hand will use another device and probably look on their social media when this type of advertising is on.

How do you solve this? Be everywhere! It’s no longer good enough for your company to advertise on one site or appear on certain videos. Companies now have to advertise where Generation Z are and on a frequent basis. So be on their news feed when they are scrolling through distracting themselves from the advert playing on the YouTube video they are trying to watch.

  1. Be Present on Search Engines

This is slightly an extension on Tip Number 2.

As stated before, Generation Z have grew up in the age of connection and for the newer members of Generation Z they don’t even know what dial-up internet was. Instead they expect information instantaneously no matter where they are, which has no doubt impacted on the rise in smartphones being used when it comes to internet searches.

Companies now have to compete with smaller screens along with carefully planned PPC Ads and the impeccable SEO strategies executed by their competitors. Keywords and Ad campaigns are essential to your success. You need to be present on the SERPs of both broad searches such as ‘summer jackets’ and niche searches such as ‘ripped denim summer jackets’.

Struggling to appear on the significant SERPs for your product/service that you sell? Apex can help.

Get in touch today to find out how.

[1] UCAS Article on the Decrease in University Applicants 

Chris Thomas


Chris Thomas

CEO & Founder

Chris has been at the forefront of eCommerce and a pioneer of online retailing since the early 00s. A 5-time Drapers Award winner, Chris has extensive experience in developing fashion brands online.

Chris founded Cake in 2016. Based in Birmingham, with offices nationwide, Cake specialises in helping fashion brands understand their market online and then helps to develop appropriate strategical direction to achieve their plan, all backed by his 20 years of operating in the retail market.