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How to make more money online – Part I

Welcome to a new series of blogs provided by industry experts, giving you their insights in to how you can improve your online businesses.

This series is bought to us by Andy Lockley, Head of eCommerce at Love Shopping Direct which has a number of Group sites such as Energy Bulbs.

Andy started his career at a graduate with IBM before moving on to various industry leading retailers such as Phones 4 U and, cutting his teeth in the world of Digital Marketing.


PPC is a very powerful digital channel and for new businesses it can be driver of huge growth. Here are some of my thoughts on what you should be looking out for.


The pros

PPC can represent an enormous opportunity for businesses, especially start-ups who desperately need to build brand awareness and increase their exposure. There are numerous articles online that talk to its headline benefits but for me the one of the major benefits is the level of control that you are able to have, you control the spend, the budgets, the cost of the clicks, the advertising copy and where you direct the traffic. The control of the spend has to be the most attractive feature, so many other forms of marketing have high barriers of entry and minimum spend requirements but with PPC you can have a campaign up and running in less time than it takes to order a flat-white and you can set a budget for the same price too. Whilst not literally priceless the access to the information it provides can be and this is basically one of the major pluses in my view.

Successful digital marketing often comes down to layered keyword research and Google Adwords allows you to get instant feedback on what’s working and what isn’t and more importantly it provides new keywords that you previously haven’t thought of. So you can start up a campaign with a £5 spend and start getting access to this information, this means as a start-up you can begin in very controlled, measured way and build your campaigns in line with definable performance. You can set the price for the clicks you’re willing to spend and only bid more when you know your return is going to improve, as a marketer it’s a very satisfying position to be in and extremely rare!

Key takeaways:

  • You decide the maximum you’re willing to pay for a click
  • You’re in charge of the advertising copy
  • You decide which areas of your website deserve traffic and which don’t


The pros

Key takeaways:

  • The Market Sets the price for visibility
  • Steep learning curve
  • Google keep moving the goalposts.


Current trends

 Key takeaways:

  • Automation, do you trust a robot to manage your PPC for you?
  • The growth of Google Shopping and the race to price comparison.
  • The unrelenting growth of mobile


Some other quick PPC titbits for you e-marketeers….


The Key Metric you’re not measuring:
  • Lost Impression Share to Rank


Question to ask that makes you sound like you know what you’re doing:

  • How confident are we in the quality of the Merchant Feed?


Question to ask that makes you sound like you don’t know what you’re doing:

  • Sod it. Shall we just put everything in position 1?
Kieran Delpech


Kieran Delpech

Senior Performance & Data Insights Manager