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How much should you be into your eCommerce data?

Cake’s Gross Demand Plan™ could be the bespoke business strategy for you.

How much are you into your eCommerce data? Cake’s Gross Demand Plan™ could be the bespoke business strategy for you...

Our Gross Demand Plan™ is a bespoke business strategy software that has helped over 20 medium-sized eCommerce brands grow sustainably.

Gross Demand Plan™ builds a blueprint based on fact, not opinion, and there’s power in the process. Numbers don’t lie - Once you know the truth, you can live it, joyfully.

Evolving your brand with a structured process takes the guesswork out of growth. Having visibility on exactly what your eCommerce KPIs are, will enable you and your team to focus your efforts where they are needed most.

The Gross Demand Plan™ lays the path with a 52-week growth roadmap for both your finance and marketing strategy. In turn, this tool will become your companion when making business decisions.

The story behind Gross Demand Plan™

Our CEO Chris Thomas, is an award-winning eCommerce entrepreneur, specialising in brand strategy, financial management, and marketing.

Before Cake, Chris grew the eCommece brand Cloggs to £15m turnover before exiting to JD Sports PLC in 2013. Chris is passionate about laying the right foundations for sustainable growth using all the experience he’s built during his 20-year career in the industry. 

“I created the Gross Demand Plan based on years of refining the process and implementing it in my own business. I’m passionate about instilling the joy in retail, and giving retailers the confidence to make strategic business decisions”

Benefits of Gross Demand Plan™

  1. Financially sustainable

A financial management tool that sustainably controls the profit of your brand as you go through structured growth.

  1. Joy

The stress of growth is down to the unknown. Experience the joy of eCommerce growth through knowledge. 

  1. Control

The power of data, by your side. Feel in control of your eCommerce store with smart KPIs

  1. Confidence

For the next generation of eCommerce businesses. Envisage a world of confident decisions, without the sleepless nights.

The Gross Demand Plan™ process

We have broken down the process of a Gross Demand Plan™ into 5 digestible milestones within the project.

Create your goals

If you don’t know what success looks like for your business, you can’t reach it. Let’s put a number to your objectives, all the way from market reach to net profit.

Within the first consultation call, we will collaboratively set the scene for your brand's future in order to create a foundation to build on. 

We determine our goals on a customer acquisition & customer retention cohort.

Creating your GDP from real-time data across your business, your audience, and potential revenue, you’ll build a bespoke blueprint for business growth, giving you week-by-week targets to hit. Achieve your goals, one day at a time.

Gather decision-driving data

You know where you want to be, but where are you now? Collate the data from today’s performance and success to create the blueprint for tomorrow’s business.

The Gross Demand Plan™ will spotlight trends within your eCommerce data to architect a 52-week phasing curve that is true to your market.

After all, the only constant in eCommerce is change.

GDP bridges the gap between finance and marketing, turning data into insights that everyone can understand. Visualise how many people you need to reach, the associated costs and realistically, whether you can spare the budget.

Build the blueprint

Good news: You have something people want. That’s the hard part. Embrace GDP and build structured, sustainable growth into your future, helping you rediscover the joy of eCommerce growth.

Once we have the data, we can build your bespoke Gross Demand Plan™ model. Imagine everything you need to drive your business forward, in one place, whenever you need it.

Your KPI benchmarks will be calibrated with your financial goals to create a profitable & sustainable business model, including a stock purchasing plan that accommodates your cash flow and business targets.

Develop your roadmap

Numbers don’t lie, so let them lead you. Put your trust in the data and your road to eCommerce growth will be revealed. All that’s left to do is follow it.

Now that you have the intelligence of your brand's retail KPI’s, it’s time to formulate a marketing model that plugs into your profit and loss statement.

A full funnel & multi-channel strategy will be set based on your net profit margins from this point. 

A bespoke GDP is like always having a consultant by your side, guiding your decisions with data and decades of experience. When your strategy is objective rather than subjective, it’s digestible & empowering.

Managing the strategy

With a clear path before you, you can see every step between where you are now and where you want to be. Growth has never felt so attainable.

Once the Gross Demand Plan™ is ready to use, it is just the beginning of the partnership. This will now become your central point to measure your brand's success over the next 52 weeks which will become your weekly reporting dashboard.

A bespoke GDP takes the guesswork out of business growth, taking the what-ifs out of your evenings and sleepless nights. Complex data becomes actionable insights, guiding you to your goals. 

This is success, simplified.

Knowledge is power. Get some.

To find out more about Gross Demand Plan™ send us a message here

Kieran Delpech


Kieran Delpech

Senior Performance & Data Insights Manager