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Ecologi: Now available in the Shopify App store

Climate change can have a catastrophic impact on Mother Earth. Most of us do our part by recycling, opting for sustainable brands, and donating to non-profit organizations. But if you’re an entrepreneur that wants to make a real difference, we’ve found an app that lets you give back to the planet for every sale you make.

The Ecologi app is available for free on the Shopify store.

What is the Ecologi app?

Ecologi is an app that lets users allocate a portion of their ecommerce store’s profit for reforestation efforts around the globe.

Contributing one tree for Mother Earth costs as little as $0.15 (USD).

Users can pick from three options to help the environment in the most cost-effective way.

Plant a tree for every X dollar profits made in your Shopify store
Plant X trees for every unit sold in your Shopify store
Plant X for every order made in your Shopify store

As you make profits and donate to Ecologi, the organisation will plant your tree in real-time. That means you make profits and contribute to Mother Earth at the same time. It’s the perfect win-win-win situation!

How does the Ecologi app work?

To get started, aspiring Ecologi users must sign-up, create an account and make their own profile.

According to the Ecologi website, users can plant a minimum of 12 trees per month by contributing around $2.75 per week.

For Shopify merchants, the app automates the entire donation process, allowing them to turn profit into sales. You can plant a tree for every unit sold or for earning a certain amount of money. You can also cap the maximum number of trees planted each month through a user-friendly dashboard.

Every penny earned goes to Ecologi’s efforts to plant trees in protected mangrove plantations in Madagascar. Interestingly, their mangroves can store four times more carbon than the usual amount in tropical rainforests.

Within the app, users can see how many trees were planted in their Ecologi forest. Plus, can gauge your businesses’ contribution to carbon reduction.

Since the Ecolog appi is very transparent, merchants are aware of the impact that they’re making by aiding in reforestation efforts and reducing the impact of climate change. They can also boast about their contributions to customers eager to make a difference.

Making an impact with Ecologi

Many entrepreneurs want to help the environment, but with a packed schedule, they don’t have the time to participate in reforestation efforts.

With Ecologi, the entire process is automated. All you need to do is to set-up the app in your Shopify store and choose how you will contribute—and the tool does the rest. While you sit back and relax, your ecommerce store is making a positive change in the environment.

Interested in trying out the Ecologi app? Head to their Shopify app page to create an account and get started today. Hopefully, more Shopify merchants will help grow forests and preserve the beauty of Mother Nature.

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Beth Taggart

Brand Executive

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