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Why you need to reach this about cash-back sites

Cash-back websites

Here’s how it works

Sign up to a genuine cashback site such as TopCashBack or QuidCo. We recommend these two as they usually get the best cashback rates from companies. There’s no cost to sign up, if you find a cashback site that does ask for payment then avoid it!

Browse through their list of stores who are in partnership with them, the list is huge from Sky to Homebase to Majority of stores offer between 3% – 15% cashback, however there are some gems such as TV or phone packages where you could earn around £100 cashback.

No cashback is 100% guaranteed until the money is appearing in your cashback account. The tracking on websites can sometimes be a little off, so don’t be disheartened if you’ve missed out on 5% from Tesco this one time. 9 times out of 10 you will get the cashback that you’ve aimed for. The cashback can sometimes take weeks or months to appear into your account. This is down to tracking again and companies checking each purchase is genuine before issuing the cashback. Please be aware that bought items which are returned for a refund, are often declined cashback.

Why do they pay out?

Cashback sites are simply paying you some of the cash that they get paid for advertising the company.

For example, if topcashback are advertising Sports Direct then that company will pay them 7% commission on sales that are made. So topcashback will then pay the customer who bought via them a piece of that 7%.

Why do we love cashback sites as a customer?

Prices are always going up, there’s always some big pay out that you have each month, always some gift to buy, holiday to pay off etc. Cashback sites give you that little bit of pocket money to help along the way. It’s nice to know you’ve got that little bit of extra income to put towards Christmas presents or even treat yourself to a weekend away. We want to shout about cashback sites and get everyone buying through them!

Becoming a Cashback Affiliate

On the opposite side, you could become an affiliate that appears on topcashback or quidco. If you have a company that wants to offer it’s customers a cashback rate, it takes just a few easy steps!

How do I advertise my company on a cashback site?

– First sign up to an affiliate program such as Affiliate Window, Webgains or Commission Junction.

– Then you can search for cashback sites and send a request to partner up.

– You set the level of commission which you would like to pay the cashback sites, this can vary on product so don’t feel like it’s a one off cost for everything. For example you could set 2% cashback on sale items, 5% on general items and 8% on high value items. Mix it up!

– We would recommend validating sales every 4-8 weeks so there is some time for customers to return or cancel orders, which you wont want to pay commission for.

– When validating sales, you will need to check that the data is correct so that no orders have been duplicated and have the correct sales value.

– Once you’ve validated your sales, the cashback site will send out payments to their customers.

Why do we love cashback sites as an affiliate?

Cashback sites have fantastic advertising packages around busy periods such as Christmas, where you can have more prominent ads on their site. You can also promote a higher cashback rate for a weekend to boost sales. Customers who sign up to cashback sites are more likely to become a returning customer.

Please feel free to contact us.

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Megan Chauhan


Megan Chauhan

Senior Website Account Manager