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Affiliate Marketing

Which affiliate marketing path is right for you?

So you’ve taken the step into Affiliate Marketing and want to know which type is the right fit for your site. Well first things first, don’t limit yourself to just one type of affiliate marketing. But then don’t overwhelm your site with tons of text links, banners, offers etc. It’s about finding a balance. A balance that works for you.


If you’re thinking, “hold on, how many types are out there?” well lets just break it down:


  • We have your Content Affiliates – blogs, reviews and articles. You don’t always need a big BUY IT NOW sign, having affiliates actually write and talk about the product you’re selling is a big thumbs up. It’s making conversation and engaging with the customer.
  •  Moving onto your Datafeed Affiliates – Shopping directories & price comparison sites. This is one of my favourites, your product sitting on someone else’s shelf with a whole new bunch of customers clicking through to your site. It’s absolutely vital that you have a healthy datafeed of stock for your affiliates to work with.
  •  Social Media Affiliates – we all know facebook, twitter and youtube. But do you know of other social media sites across the globe? For instance the hugely popular Chinese site Weibo. Now there’s a social media site with selling power!
  •  Retargeting Affiliates are growing every year. Never heard of it? Well you’ll know it when you see it! Ever browsed a couple of nice tops on a clothing site and then headed over to check out a holiday, but wait there’s an add for the top you were just looking at. Yep that’s retargeting, a cookie is dropped on a potential customer’s computer after they’ve visited a particular site. Then for a short time, that potential customer is seeing display ads for that product or site.
  •  The most popular of course is the Voucher/Coupon Affiliate. You can sign as many of these up as you like! There are the main sites that have huge databases full of customers already and then there are the smaller sites that combined make plenty of sales to compete with the big boys.
  •  Loyalty Affiliates, these are your cashback sites, points based sites such as Nectar and work place sites for the NHS and The Forces. All of these are worth signing up for, especially the cashback sites!
Liberty Mason


Liberty Mason

Junior eCommerce Acount Executive