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Black Friday

A few sneaky ways you can get ahead on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

As we ramp up to the biggest week of the year in eCommerce (Cyber Monday being the biggest spending day of the year last year), it can be easy to let overwhelm creep in.

Are you ready for Black Friday? 


Trick question. Are we ever really ready? For anything?

Just kidding. We can be at least prepared for this one.

As we ramp up to the biggest week of the year in eCommerce (Cyber Monday being the biggest spending day of the year last year), it can be easy to let overwhelm creep in:

Are we ready? Are the team prepared? Will we reach our targets? Did we actually forecast right? What if we sell out?

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are a huge opportunity not only for sales, but to connect with our customers and to bring their attention back to all of the ways we’re helping them to live the lives they really want.

I’m sure you’re considering the obvious: products, suppliers, shipping, marketing. But, there’s some last minute details that most people overlook when heading into a big sales week.

Here are some unlikely last minute things to consider in your Black Friday/Cyber Monday strategies for 2022:

EXPERIENCE. How can you prepare for an influx in sales and traffic in terms of the experience shoppers have with your brand. Think about the details. What’s the message when they land in the shopping cart? How are you presenting add-on items? What happens after they purchase?

NON-CUSTOMERS. This one is an unusual one to consider. But what about the people who don’t buy? Higher traffic, ad spend and purchases also means you’ll have a higher influx of people who don’t buy. How can you create an environment that makes them want to come back?

SELL-OUTS. Consider what will happen if you sell out of something that people are likely to be looking for. If they don’t find what they need the first time, you need to make the experience memorable enough that they’ll still want to buy (and potentially pay full price) next time.

BE BOLD. Don’t be afraid to make big discounts and be bold in your strategies (and make even better offers to your existing customers) but be sure to make sure they’re in line with your margins. Black Friday isn’t about a quick 10% off, Black Friday is about offering people something they won’t see in any other sale period. But DON’T just throw some discounts on something without a strategy. If you need help to work out what offers are viable for your brand, give us a shout. We can help you understand your numbers in intricate detail so that you can make the best decisions.

DON’T NEGLECT ORGANIC. Don’t throw all of your traditional organic, relationship building strategies out of the window just to get a quick cash injection from a frantic market. Continue to build relationships with your long-standing customers organically/on social media (and don’t make it all about sales!) This is an amazing opportunity to stand out, when you can pretty much guarantee that your competitors will all be talking about the same thing… discounts. You’d be surprised how many shoppers intentionally don’t buy on Black Friday, so don’t lose their interest – actually, you can stand out and win the hearts of higher-paying, more discerning customers. At a time where not many other brands are even considering them.

THEY’RE NOT ABANDONING YOU. Finally, do not underestimate the power of abandoned cart re-targeting. Black Friday is fast and people are busy. They may have full intent to buy and just forget. According to Forrester, brands can lose up to $18 billion in revenue every single year. A huge portion of that will be around big sale events like Black Friday. Make it easy for people to come back and get the deals they really want before they miss their chance, by introducing things like secondary and tertiary abandoned cart email sequences and simple, clever re-targeting.

Alice Stubbings


Alice Stubbings

eCommerce Account Manager