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Arm your business with an app

The mobile app business model is a compelling one. The main aim of any business is to make a customer a ‘returning’ customer, building as much lifetime value as possible by keeping them coming back for more, a mobile app is a great weapon in this age-old business challenge.  It gives you a direct line straight to your customers where you can contact users for free through push notifications and bypass crowded email inboxes all whilst providing rich content to keep users engaged and, more importantly, buying. 

Furthermore, the alternate ‘shop window’ it provides gives you an added dimension to curate content specifically towards your best customers, either with targeted promotions, behind the scenes content or new product launches.

The 304 experience

304 Clothing is a UK Based Brand who produces bold, timeless streetwear for men, women, and children. They offer their customers high-quality products that are available to customise and make their own.  In the process of building their new website, 304 Clothing wanted to offer their customers a way to simplify their shopping experience from their personal mobile device so we offered the solution: a mobile app. A mobile app is the perfect way to increase sales, improve efficiency and build a loyal customer base. 

For 304 Clothing, we recommended Shopney: an application specially created for Shopify etailers giving them the ability to create a mobile app that integrates seamlessly with their Shopify store without having to rack up huge costs by having something built that would be more bespoke.  

A successful mobile app launched in days

The beauty of the Shopify ecosystem is that, in just a matter of days, you can have your own branded app ready to download from the iOS and Play stores.  Shopney has created a best in class solution for Shopify merchants backed by a fantastic, knowledgeable support team on hand for any issues that emerge. 

Murat Kaya, our Marketing and Partnership Manager at Shopney, said of the product:

”One of the biggest advantages of mobile apps is push notifications. It means free marketing opportunity to your app subscribers. You can promote your products and collections to your audience with just one click of a button, without having to pay for additional social ads. Plus, the open rates of timely-sent and relevant push notifications can be 3 times more successful than emails.”

It’s not a completely bespoke solution: as with most cloud commerce solutions it involves some compromises that we feel are easily justified by the low-cost investment, speed to market and ability to prove the concept. 

The results speak for themselves

Once the mobile app was implemented, 304 Clothing saw an immediate take-up from their fan-base who downloaded the app almost immediately. They also witnessed the value-added from implementing the app with sales coming in within hours. Using the app to feature exclusive campaigns adjacent to the offers through the website, they found that the app offered them the opportunity to offer a more personalised approach to their customers.

In general, other merchants who we’ve helped get into the mobile app arena have found an immediate high-level of adoption, increase in conversion rate and average order values from their mobile app users, demonstrating the appetite that existed for a branded app. 

The 304 Clothing app is now available to download for iPhone and Android from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Find out more about how we can help you build an app for your store by contacting us. 

Chris Thomas


Chris Thomas

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