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What you need to know about Shopify Flows

Shopify has so many interesting and useful features that allow our clients to automate and customise many of the processes adding real value to their efficiency and engagement as a business. Here’s a collection of the most useful Shopify Flows you could benefit from:

For automation:

Shopify Flow:

Flow is a simple visual builder that automates many customer-facing and back-office processes. Some of these automated business tasks include customer service, fraud prevention, inventory levels, design and development requests, merchandising, communications, and marketing and advertising (e.g. halting promotions when stock gets low or tagging customers for email segmentation).
Flow does this by storing and executing triggers, conditions, and actions you specify without any coding. Keeping up so far?
To streamline the time it takes you to create and implement a workflow, Shopify recently announced Shopify Flow templates. These templates take the guesswork out of which workflow you should use, meaning you can browse a library of over 120 pre-made workflow templates and implement them in just a few seconds.

Case study: Cozy Kids.
Shopify Launchpad:
Launchpad offers a simple way to automate and schedule a sales campaign, product releases, and flash sales. It also gives you the ability to automate theme switching during important events providing your customers with better shopping experience and making your brand stand out.
Check out this list of ways you can use Launchpad to schedule live events on your store.

Case study: Blenders Eyewear.

Shopify Scripts:
Scripts enable you to customise shopping experiences by running advanced promotions that are proven to increase order values and drive more frequent purchases, as well as reduce basket abandonment rates. Scripts can also be used to create custom price lists for your trade and B2B clients.

With Shopify Scripts, you can:
Personalise the checkout experience based on shopping cart values.
Enable code stacking: Combine promotions based on certain conditions. E.g. a customer is new to your store, so they automatically get 10% off; if they select an item from the ”Sale” collection, they automatically get 30% off that item; and if they spend above EUR100, they also get free shipping activated, etc.
Here are the top 13 Shopify Script examples Shopify’s Plus merchants use to increase conversions.

Case study: Tamburlaine Wines.
Custom Checkout:
Deliver a consistent brand experience throughout the entire purchase process by fully customizing your checkout with access to the checkout.liquid template. Customising both its look and feel, as well as adding customer fields, trust badges, reviews, shipping, payment options, etc, These modifications can create a faster flow, provide deeper analytics, and consistency in the end-to-end brand experience.

Case study: Peepers.
Exclusive API Access:
Build complex integrations with the Plus-only Gift Card, Users, and Multipass/SSO APIs. You also have the ability to increase API call limits for private apps.

Development/ Staging Stores:
Test out new ideas or concepts in a safe environment with a development store at no extra cost. Give yourself or new staff the confidence to explore the admin in their own sandbox store.

Globalization and Multi-channel:

Wholesale Channel:
The wholesale channel lets you easily expand your business into wholesale by creating a separate, password-protected storefront that’s an extension of your online store. Use prices lists to create discounts for your products and individual customers. Why not check out a short demo of the wholesale channel?
Case study: Laird Superfoods.

Expansion Stores:
In addition to your main store, Shopify Plus subscription includes 9 clone store credits (at no additional cost). These can be used to serve other regions, like ES, DE US, etc. or serve new customer segments like Influencers, B2B, etc. Expansion stores must operate under the same brand/logo. Shopify use shop-cloning tools to create new instances of your store to limit setup time.

Case study: Honey Bridette.
Additional Benefits:
Priority 24/7 Strategic Support:
Shopify Plus merchants are fully supported through their lifetime on the platform – on both a strategic and technical level. Merchants will have access to a team of knowledgeable Plus specific experts to provide feedback, best practices and strategic advice regarding ecommerce & how to’s.

Shopify Plus Academy:
In addition to in-person support, Shopify also grants you access to Shopify Plus Academy, which enables you to expand your knowledge not only on Plus exclusive features but also any area of digital marketing & ecommerce which may help you grow your business even further. There are more than 50 self-guided resources available, including courses and videos.
Topics vary from marketing acquisition strategies to business operations, technology solutions, international expansion, B2B and more. You can also watch tutorials, and Q&As with business owners—at your own pace and in your own time.

Merchant Growth Model:
Merchant Growth Model (MGM) is a framework for growth and will help you take a holistic look at your business; assess how your brand is performing across the six key business areas and create an action plan. You will have support along the way with resources and actionable tactics for each area of the model, which includes: Acquisition, Conversion, Retention, Brand Strategy, Technology Solutions and Business Operations & Management. See how True Vintage and Sofa Club used MGM to uncover additional revenue.

Email Suppression:
Suppress the default email notifications that are sent from your store, essential if you send them from a 3rd party vendor.

Avalara AvaTax:
Avalara is a tax automation software that automates tax calculations and the tax filing process. Avalara AvaTax is a paid service available for Shopify Plus plans only.

Case study: Boll & Branch.
Multi-store management:
Simplify the management of your entire organization with Shopify Plus Admin. Manage users, quickly create new stores populated with data, update workflows, and get a high-level overview of key business metrics across all stores in your organisation.

Case study: Huel.

Shopify Plus Facebook Community:
The Shopify Plus Facebook group is a closed, organic community where Shopify Plus merchants can network, collaborate, and share strategies & experiences.
As an added bonus, Shopify Plus members also enjoy:
Early Access to Beta Programs
Access to Plus Certified Apps

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Chris founded Cake in 2016. Based in Birmingham, with offices nationwide, Cake specialises in helping fashion brands understand their market online and then helps to develop appropriate strategical direction to achieve their plan, all backed by his 20 years of operating in the retail market.