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Social Media

Social innovations to watch out for | July 2022

Social media never stops evolving and each month welcomes brand new updates across all of the most popular platforms. Whether it's for your brand or your clients, your business will benefit from keeping in the loop with the latest updates.

Social media never stops evolving and each month welcomes brand new updates across all of the most popular platforms. Whether it's for your brand or your clients, your business will benefit from keeping in the loop with the latest updates. 



1. Instagram adds a new option to pin posts to your profile.


You like it? You pin it. Earlier this month Instagram launched its new ‘pin’ functionality, allowing users to have control over what posts they want to pin to the top of their profiles. As you can see in the example below, you can select any post on your feed and pin it to your profile using the menu at the top right of any post.



This new feature provides users with ways to customise their profile and thus more creative control. With this comes considerations into how users maximise the appeal of their Instagram’s display, such as having more introductory posts or top-performing content right at the top of their profile for visitors to be greeted. Alongside this feature, the ability to rearrange the entire grid has also been rumoured to be in testing with Chief Adam Mosseri, who noted that Instagram is looking for more ways to give creators control over their profiles. Over at Cake, we think this means they are likely to be heading in the direction of a fully arrangeable grid!



2. Snapchat tests reply functionality to Spotlight clips

While currently in testing, Snapchat is investigating the introduction of comments on its Spotlight features as other social platforms lean into public comments to help foster community and appeal to its advertisers. 



As seen in the example above some users are now able to directly reply to Spotlight videos with comments only being displayed on the clip once approved by the creator. This comes from high demand for this feature after Spotlight was rolled out across Snapchat, helping it to align with the features also available across its competing platforms. This is a major shift for Snapchat as its given focus is around private, intimate connections, although users will still have full control over the display of comments.


3. Youtube adds new ‘Corrections’ feature 


Youtube has added a new feature called ‘Corrections’ that will allow users to add edited notes to their Youtube upload, saving creators from having to re-upload an entire video due to minor errors. You will be able to find this in the teaser in video playback to signal when and where correction notes had been added.

As explained by YouTube:

“Up until now, if a creator wanted to correct an error in an existing upload or provide an update to information that was no longer accurate, short of editing and re-uploading the video, resulting in loss of engagement metrics and comments, the options were limited to adding a note in the description, responding to comments calling out the error, pinning a comment or doing nothing. With the launch of Corrections, creators will be able to call attention to corrections and clarifications in the descriptions of their already published videos.”

So while this does not provide a direct edit fix, it will allow users to make notes to explain small errors and mistakes throughout the video.

4. Meta adds more Reel creation options across both Instagram.

Continuing to focus on short-form video, Meta is adding a new feature for users to ‘remix’ content into Reels on Instagram. The remix functionality will allow users to create Reels using other creators' content which they can download themselves, but only if the option is turned on in the creator’s settings. This will provide another way for users to react to content across Instagram, much like the ability to ‘stitch’ a post on TikTok, which was proven to be a popular feature amongst users as they can share a quick response to a post from their own profile.


An example posted by Lindsey Gamble showcases how this will look in practice. 


With Reels contributing towards 20% of all time spent in the app, this direction makes sense to optimise the Reel experience as much as possible for engagement purposes!


5. Snapchat tests all new monetisation pathways via a new subscription service.


Snapchat is currently exploring a new monetisation pathway via an all-new subscription service called Snapchat+, which will give users access to a range of exclusive app features, and tools within the platform. The example below shared by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi shows how this subscription will be broken down into payment tiers with a free 1-week trial also being available for users to test this new service.



At the current state, these new subscription offerings include:

1. Pin a friend as a #1 BFF

2. Get access to exclusive Snapchat icons

3. Display a badge in your profile

4. See your orbit with BFF

5. See your friend's whereabouts in the last 24 hours

6. See how many friends have rewatched your story


While the offerings don’t exactly seem evolutionary we do expect to see more as testing evolves…

Interested in how one (or more!) of these social innovations could help your brand reach more people on social media? Bring Cake into the mix and send us a message. 

Liberty Mason


Liberty Mason

Junior eCommerce Acount Executive