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A Slice of the action with Pros x Cons

Here at Digital Cake, we’re lucky enough to work with some of the trendiest fashion and lifestyle brands around, so it’s no surprise that we needed to bring in a new ingredient to help us deliver even more of the expertise they need to take the world by storm…

That’s where our preferred partner comes in: Pros x Cons

We sat down with Carl Bradford, PxC’s Co-Founder & Creative Director, to get the scoop on everything our new partner agency can do.

Describe what you do as a business…

At PxC, each of our founders myself, Joao, and Steve had built a wealth of experience in different areas of the fashion industry. As we grew our skills and working relationships, we realised we shared similar approaches and passions for our work and realised we could do it better. That’s how PxC was born.

With the individual skills we’d gained over our careers, we knew we could offer a full-service, 360-degree approach to apparel and accessories in a way not many others can. We’re talking from concept through to delivery, and it’s rare that an agency can take every single step in that journey with you.

And, we truly love taking that journey with people. We’re passionate about helping brands grow, whether they’re a startup or an established brand, and we know they appreciate having our knowledge with them as they take those steps to growing their business. 

Introduce yourselves and your specialisms within PxC…

I’m Carl Bradford, PxC’s Co-Founder / Creative Director, and I handle the design and creative side of things, from graphic design to patterns, specs, and product development. Almost anything with a creative focus comes through me (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!).

Then, bringing these designs and concepts into the real world are Steve Ward, Co-Founder / Production & Operations Director, and Joao Leal, Co-Founder / Commercial & Operations Director. They could probably describe their roles better than I could, but they handle manufacturing, distribution, finance, sales, and any of the logistics needed to make things happen.

Together, we can take anything from idea to existence. 

What are your core services and how do these benefit your clients? 

Our core services are always growing and adapting as PxC grows, but right now, I’d have to say our core services are:

1: Brand consultancy & development: For brands who are just starting out or in need of a new image, we have the expertise to help them develop into a fully established brand, reach a new audience, or anything in-between. 

2: Concepts, graphics, and art direction: A client comes to us with an idea and we help them realise it with sketches, graphics, and guidance around the colourways, fabrics, and branding, as well as other details that make the product extra special, such as packaging.

3: Product development: We pride ourselves on being able to take a product from concept to development, achieving bespoke client specifications with garments and accessories of unmatched quality. 

4: Bulk manufacturing: With our expertise and tapping into the vast range of contacts that we’ve worked with for over 10+ years, we’re able to offer brands a trusted solution for manufacturing new garments and accessories with the attention to detail we’re known for.

Within this service, we’re also able to offer what we call “Blanks programmes,” meaning that we develop and manufacture a brand’s bespoke blank garment using their desired fabric, fit, and trim specifications. We can then offer direct-to-garment printing, embroidery, or sublimation printing onto the custom blanks here in-house at PxC. Growing brands and established brands alike benefit from this as they can trial new designs in small runs to their exact requirements without having to commit to large runs of a single style.

5: Fulfillment: We’re also able to save brands space and time with our fulfillment services, from storing and picking the stock to printing, packaging, and even delivery. We don’t mess around when we say we’re a “full-service agency.” 

PxC is integrated directly into countless brands’ ecommerce websites, so we can relieve the pressure of holding and sending stock from the moment a brand’s product is manufactured to the moment it arrives at a customer’s place.

Depending on the client, we may help them through every stage of this journey, or they may just need help in one area. Either way, we’re happy to be an integral part of their growth.

What type of clients and brands do you work with?

We mostly work with clothing and fashion brands, as you might expect, like the guys at Bad Monday and 304, but we’re in our element with any lifestyle brand who gets what we do, from bars and restaurants to tattoo parlours. 

No matter the client, one thing never changes…

We love seeing a brand grow and knowing that, in some way, we were involved.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start a business?

Know your audience: Know what they need and give them value that no-one else can.

Storytelling is key: Know how to tell your own story and the story of a brand or product.

Make sure the quality of your work is there: If you’re not creating a product or service you believe in, how can anyone else believe in it?

Stay in your line or create your own lane: Don’t focus on what others are doing. Keep your focus on what you’re doing, and do it well.

What key lessons have you learned over the years?

Don’t take things to heart. Everything is subjective (especially in my area of the business) and not everyone will like what you do. All that means is that this product, service, or brand isn’t for them.

No-one will ever care quite as much as you do, but that’s okay… It’s not their job to care as much as you do! This is a key one for us at PxC, where we put serious pride in our attention to detail.

What does the future look like for PxC?

For starters, we’re moving to a bigger place! If that’s not a sign that we’re doing well, I don’t know what is. In our new space, we’re planning on expanding our capabilities of in-house production and fulfillment, and taking on a few more people to make sure we have enough people to do it at the same high standards.

From there, we’re also looking into development sub-departments of PxC, giving each area — creative, manufacturing, and fulfillment even more of a focus in its own right. We want to make sure we’re always excelling in each of our services, and this is how we’ll achieve that.

Let’s just say there are more Pros than Cons in our future.

How would your clients describe you?

That’s always a tough question, but I’d like to think they’d say we’re:

Good people: Nice guys. Down to Earth. It’s easy to sit down and have a beer together to chat through whatever you might need.

Honest: Honesty is built into the foundations of our agency, but we’ll always give people the pros and cons of every choice. That’s how we landed with the name. It works. 

Always go above and beyond: If we can help you grow, we will, and we don’t mind getting our hands dirty to make it happen. Extra pair of hands needed in the warehouse to hit a deadline? We’re there. We treat every client as if it’s our own brand.

Finally, what’s the craziest project you’ve worked on?

Personally, I loved designing a bottle label for Sailor Jerry rum. Sailor Jerry is an icon in the tattoo industry, single-handedly changing tattoo culture forever with his impact. That was definitely a personal highlight for me.

Other than that, pretty much every project we work on is interesting in its own way.

But, watch this space… Insanely cool things are coming that we can’t talk about yet.

Well, you heard Carl… So much more is coming from the guys at PxC and we’re so excited to be partnered with them. They’ve instantly broadened the expertise and services we’re able to offer our clients, and we can’t wait to have a front-row seat for everything that’s coming next.

If you’re loving the sound of what they do, check out the PxC website or give them a follow on InstagramFacebook or LinkedIn. We think you’ll like what you see.

Chris Thomas


Chris Thomas

CEO & Founder

Chris has been at the forefront of eCommerce and a pioneer of online retailing since the early 00s. A 5-time Drapers Award winner, Chris has extensive experience in developing fashion brands online.

Chris founded Cake in 2016. Based in Birmingham, with offices nationwide, Cake specialises in helping fashion brands understand their market online and then helps to develop appropriate strategical direction to achieve their plan, all backed by his 20 years of operating in the retail market.