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Digital Marketing

10 Social Innovations We Discovered in March 2020

Social media is always being updated in various ways and staying on top of all of the latest innovations can be time consuming. So we’ve summarised 10 of the social innovations we discovered this month- all in one place! Here are some of the things we learnt: 

What is takes to make effective Tweet copy 

Twitter is a staple marketing tool that can help you reach your goals and interact with your existing and future customers. Twitter ads engagement is up to 23% and Twitter users spend 26% more time watching ads than the users of other social media channels, so it’s important to consider the best practices for your Twitter feed! Here are  our tips when it comes to writing your Twitter copy: 

  • Avoid using all capital letters to create urgency, as it appears quite shouty and aggressive. 
  • Percentages are actually more effective than currency symbols, so try switching out ‘£10 off” to “10% off’. 
  • Limit the use of hashtags in posts, try to stick to 2 or 3. This is to avoid crowding the post.
  • Use website cards to add visual aspects to your tweets, these are more likely to catch users attention.

IGTV is finally releasing a prototype that enables IGTV creators to monetize with ads 

By 2021 mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic, which is good news for IGTV creators as Instagram has finally prototyped the monetization of IGTV, through a Partner Program that would let creators earn money through showing adverts alongside their videos.

Lack of monetization could have contributed to the lack of high-quality content on IGTV. The majority of the content on there currently is either clickbait teasers or low-grade YouTube clones. 

However, 18 months after it launched the longer-form content hub, Instagram has finally given content creators a chance for a sustainable and passive approach to generate earnings. It may even inspire them to produce a higher standard of content, so it benefits both parties. 

IGTV monetization social

Twitter is working towards expanding user creativity

We could soon have a whole new range of visual tools for Twitter. The social media giant has announced its acquisition of Chroma Labs, the team behind the Chroma Stories app, which provides a range of stylistic frames and filter options for your Stories content. Chroma Stories isn’t a platform in itself, but a supplementary app which allows users to design higher quality Stories that they can post across their social channels. 

Youtube’s Applause to content creators

It seems as though YouTube is still conjuring up innovative ways for its creators to earn more revenue through monetisation methods. Their latest update consists of “viewer applause” which users can purchase to privately show their support to their favourite creators. 

To give creators more opportunity to earn income, YouTube is figuring out alternative ways of monetisation by using inspiration from popular streaming apps. Thus, it has been leaning towards what works for successful streaming app Twitch. This ‘applause’ works by fans being able to click an icon between the like and dislike buttons, it will cost the user  $2 per clap- however, this isn’t a one-time function as fans can spend up to $500 per day on this type of feature.

Facebook creates Hobbi 

Facebook has released Hobbi, a photo and video sharing app focused around documenting and showcasing personal projects and hobbies. It’s part of their initiative to rapidly try out new ideas to see how users react. Undoubtedly, there are similarities to well known creative platform Pinterest, however the difference is that Hobbi isn’t just a pinboard of interests and ideas. This app is designed to inspire hobbyists to track their progress over time by organising their projects into themes such as gardening, cooking and decor. In this sense, Hobbi is more like an editor and organiser than any sort of new social network.

hobbi facebook social

TikTok gives parents back control with new ‘family safety mode’

It was recently announced that half of UK 10-year-olds own a smartphone, which increases the potential of young people seeing harmful content- especially through mainstream apps such as TikTok. To combat this, TikTok has released a new safety mode that works by choosing a parent phone and child phone after linking them together via the app. Once this process is completed, it gives the parent phone permission to turn on/off the setting for:

  • Restricted mode- this uses an automatic filter driven by an algorithm, which tries to hide content that may be inappropriate
  • Messages- which can be limited so they can only be received from friends – or turned off completely
  • Screen time controls- putting a  limit on how long the app can be used each day

Discover “Hoop” the Tinder for new friends on Snapchat

SnapKit has added another feature to its roster, and this one bears resemblance to popular dating app Tinder. Hoops works to help you make new friends on Snapchat, users can swipe left or right with them and then choose to connect within that process. Once connected that’s when you can begin your relationship on Snapchat. Hoop has demonstrated that its not just another app, with it amassing 3 million global downloads already!

hoop snapchats social

TikTok gives users the option to upload from their desktop.

Social media expert Matt Navarra has announced that it’s now possible to upload TikTok videos from the desktop version of the app. The new update is handy for those who are managing multiple social media accounts from one workspace, or even for digital marketers looking to make use of TikTok. It enables users to upload more polished, edited content whilst providing the capacity to add TikTok videos into regular creative flows. 

Instagram tests new Stories trimming tool.

Instagram is making it easier for users to edit and upload Stories within the app by working on a trimming feature. The new option would provide a video slider trimming tool built into Stories, that works similarly to video editing tools available elsewhere. It works by adding in a new editing icon to the creative options along the top of the first frame.

LinkedIn pinned posts.

You can now choose what other Linked In users see first when visiting your profile- in a new update by the platform to improve the experience of those who use it regularly.  Each profile will now have a ‘featured’ section, that can be used to give insight into your personality and more specifically what you can offer others if they were to connect with you. 

linked in featured

To make sure you’re all caught up, here’s all of our innovations from last month.  Could you implement any of these features in your online strategy in the future?

If you want to keep up to date with all of the latest social updates and innovations, make sure you’re following Social Circle on Instagram and Eventbrite! We’ll see you at the next event!

Chris Thomas


Chris Thomas

CEO & Founder

Chris has been at the forefront of eCommerce and a pioneer of online retailing since the early 00s. A 5-time Drapers Award winner, Chris has extensive experience in developing fashion brands online.

Chris founded Cake in 2016. Based in Birmingham, with offices nationwide, Cake specialises in helping fashion brands understand their market online and then helps to develop appropriate strategical direction to achieve their plan, all backed by his 20 years of operating in the retail market.